“LOVE, Makes Life Live”

Chadani Acharya
4 min readMar 31, 2021


There is no motivation to be enamoured. In the event that there is any motivation to be infatuated, at that point that is not an affection. Love isn’t connected with any explanation. It’s past that. There is no connection between affection and the explanation between adores. Love isn’t a business too. There is no give and take relationship in Love. Love is where no explanation exists. NO responsibilities and no cutoff points whatsoever. On the off chance that the “Why” exists, at that point, the secret of affection will be done. The sacred book of affection can never be made. Tunes can be made out of adoration. There is neither way of thinking, nor writing of affection. Love isn’t about the brain. On the off chance that it was, at that point, it would have the appropriate response of “WHY”? Love is about the ‘Heart’. There is no section of why/reason. “Why is related to the brain while the affection is identified with the heart. These two have no gathering focuses. So, if love occurs, it simply occurs.

There is no riddle that you will know it sometime or another that is the reason Jesus referenced love as a god. Love is the main involvement with this universe that will relate us with the god. Love is the absolute first sight of god. Try not to ask “why?” however I realize for what reason do exist. It’s normal to ask “why?”. People consistently hunger to know the explanation for anything. That is the place science had its spot since people constantly need to know the explanation for anything. For what reason does this occur? At the point when the explanation can be discovered then it will become a science. What’s more, from anything that we don’t get an explanation that turns into “a religion”. This is the very contrast between science and religion. In the event that we become acquainted with the explanation, at that point it will become a science.

The study of adoration can never be found neither can be imagined. What’s more, the god will never be there at the science labs. On the off chance that there is any fact, excellence and love throughout everyday life, there will be no intensity of science. In the event that there is anything significant and honourable that comes out of the secretive individuals. It will come within you however it will come where it counts that your boundary won’t see yet circuit can never comprehend the middle. A beam can never comprehend the soul, yet the typified soul can comprehend the beam. A little youngster can never comprehend the elderly person however the elderly person can comprehend the kid. Love is actually an immense thing, greater than mind and more extensive than you. That is the reason you get sickened. How might you escape if the roar of adoration hits you? At the point when the affection contacts you, you disappear. It’s only greater than you so how might you have the option to get it? You won’t remain you when you are absolutely enamoured.

You will become uncontrolled yourself. Your spirit will get cruel. Just transparency will remain where the affection will move inside the vacancy. I am asking you, why am I infatuated with you? No, there is no response to this inquiry. Why are the trees green? Why are there beams in the moon and stars? For what reason do clouds run to a great extent up in the sky? For what reason do the sun ascend in the Early Morning? For what reason do fowls sing a tune? In the event that you pose these inquiries to the researchers, at that point he will answer something without a doubt. In any case, there is no arrangement of that answer too. On the off chance that you ask a researcher that, why the trees are green? At that point, he will answer you back this is a result of Chlorophyll. However, In genuine, this isn’t the appropriate response which will quit addressing more. Again the inquiry will be raised that, Why the leaves do have Chlorophyll? Again the things get loaded. Jettison Lawrence, have addressed well that, while he was wandering around in the nursery with a little child and the child asked him, “Why are the trees green?” and the Ditch Lawrence answered, “They are green since they are green.” And that little child acknowledged and snickered in light of the fact that he was fulfilled. With the appropriate response. On the off chance that you become as less difficult as the little kid, at that point just you will have the option to comprehend the thing I am stating, for example, there is LOVE. Much the same as the green trees with no explanation.

You will get stressed on the off chance that you continue believing that water is streaming all through your body, feeling that the heart is thumping and we have nodded off. What might I do in the event that it quits beating? I am breathing, on the off chance that it is halted, what might I do? At that point, you will stumble into the difficulty. It is simply working when it is working. What’s more, not working when it isn’t working, straightforward as that. It’s a play, a GAME. In the event that you begin taking a gander at your life from this point of view, you can escape every one of your issues.

For what reason do I confide in you that you will never leave me? This trust is the necessary piece of adoration. The bloom has its own aroma so the affection has trust. On the off chance that you pose the inquiry of what love is, at that point that would be exquisite yet don’t look for the appropriate response. Let the appropriate response blur away and live the adoration and plunge into the trust that has been stimulated. Commit yourself to yourself and lose everything for that. Losing is the portal of picking up something. That is about LOVE.

With Love ❤